Give your clients more transparency over your network by showing them the current ddos filter status and the latest ddos attacks to their ip addresses of the popular ddos protection provider combahton.


Server Requirements
- Ioncube V5 and Higher.
- Php 5.6 and Higher.
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
Linux / cPanel Recommended.
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Combahton integration

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Having a ddos protection in these rough times is necessary. With this module, your clients can independently view the current ddos routing status of their assigned ip addresses from the popular ddos protection provider combahton. Also, your customers can easily view recent ddos attacks with every detail of their ip addresses.



Client Area

Admin Area

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the module in our client area.
  2. Unzip the zip file and drag the folder "dshsrvCombahtonDdos" in the /coremio/modules/Addons folder
  3. Install the addon and set up your api credentials at Tools -> Addons

You are ready to go! If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediatly.

Update Version History

v1.0.0 Released: 12.10.2021

Initial release

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