Sell virtual servers to your customers and allow managing them with the popular hypervisor proxmox. Let your clients easily start, shutdown and manage their server with this easy to use module.


Server Requirements
- Ioncube V5 and Higher.
- Php 5.6 and Higher.
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
Linux / cPanel Recommended.
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Proxmox VPS

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Proxmox is one of the largest and most widely used virtualization platforms. With this integration, we offer you and your customers a fully automated integration with WISECP. You can easily create new VPS products for Proxmox, manage nodes and templates and start selling your Proxmox VPS directly through WISECP.

This module also includes a lot of functionality for your customers so they can completely self-manage their purchased VPS, including backups, task history, power actions like shutdown, startup and reboot, and historical usage graphs for CPU usage, Ram usage, etc.
Not to mention that this module supports both LXC and KVM virtualization with fully automated installation and deployment, you can even sell both to your customers at the same time! In addition, this module provides you with at-a-glance management of your servers, templates and IP addresses without ever leaving WISECP!



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Client Area


Admin Area

Update Version History

v1.0.56 Released: 04.06.2022

  • Improved: Disk resizing on VM creation now implements up to 5 tries
  • Improved: Disk resize error message for administrators

v1.0.5  Released: 11.05.2022

  • Added: More language snippets for client area
  • Added: Loadbalancing score to servers list
  • Removed: "use dhcp" setting from group
  • Added: Show the template ID in the list
  • Fixed: Bug where the server showed as "locked"
  • Added: Import function to import VM from proxmox into WCP
  • Smaller bugfixes

v1.0.4  Released: 13.12.2021

  • Added: Select default template in VPS Package, no order requirement required

v1.0.3  Released: 18.11.2021

  • Bugfix: Minor updates for stricter database versions
  • Added: custom rootFs per package
  • Added: DNS per package
  • Bugfix: LXC servers where always displayed as "locked"

v1.0.2  Released: 11.11.2021

  • Bugfix: with database group creation
  • Bugfix: IPAM subnet creation error
  • Added: settings for group: network vlan tag, network vmbr, vm disk storage, vm backup storage
  • Bugfix: Error with login where proxmox passwords had special characters
  • Added: Displays ram usage graph with actual usage instead of percentage
  • Added: Displays disk usage graph in client area for LXC

v1.0.1  Released: 09.10.2021

Initial beta release

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